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How It Works

CORE SERVICE: “Data Repository Information Link” (DRIL-Down™)


The Client Company agrees to appoint ShareIntel as its confidential agent to aggregate, compile and rationalize broker-dealer and shareholder data from all known and available relevant sources and entities. The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, Broker-Dealers, Securities Clearing Agents, Transfer Agents, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., Corporate Investor Relations, and Treasury personnel individually gather, store and distribute shareholder information using different methods, formats and analyses. ShareIntel logically aggregates all of the disparate and available information from the above mentioned sources, into a proprietary, centralized, scannable and searchable dynamic shareholder database. This is the first step in turning static reporting entity, broker-dealer and shareholder data into a useful and dynamic archival/historic repository, consistent with Federal record keeping rules and requirements.


ShareIntel’s (DRIL-Down™) proprietary patent pending processes and complex analytical tools are applied to the Client Company’s data, enabling identification of specific share ownership held electronically in “street name,” and physically in private custody. This further enables ShareItel’s platform to dynamically search, filter, and track shareholder movement between reporting entities, broker-dealers and shareholders, by name, holdings, classification, addresses, volume activity, share price and more.

STEP 3: ARCHIVE – Data not captured is data lost.

Much of the data ShareIntel captures on behalf of client issuer companies cannot be obtained looking back in time. Data not captured can be lost forever (often critical to discovery). With this in mind, ShareIntel becomes a critical fiduciary best practices tool as an ongoing historic archival repository of Broker-Dealer and shareholder records.


The ShareIntel platform generates tailored monthly executive summaries in addition to automatic specific email alerts designed to establish relevant and meaningful analyses and utility that every company CEO needs. Robust pre-set, default or modified filters and query settings are established and installed on the Client Company’s proprietary secure administrative web page. Custom tailored default settings provide the Client Company with specific surveillance of share ownership, purchases, sales, custody and settlement by individuals, institutions, broker-dealers, clearing agents and custodians. This dynamic platform delivers optimum flexibility, providing the Client Company CEO with the ability to constantly adjust and amend settings to meet relevant parameters, and evolving conditions with the intention to maximize shareholder transparency and knowledge. ShareIntel’s platform generates tailored monthly executive summaries in addition to automatic specific email alerts.

Example: Pre-set, customized queries and filters generate relevant Client Company trading analyses for the CEO. “Out of balance” relationships between entities responsible for reporting purchase and sales transactions and those responsible for electronic and physical custody, are immediately identified, automatically generated and pushed to the Client Company CEO, via email alerts. If the CEO desires additional (DRIL-Down™) information the email alerts are hyperlinked to the Client Company’s Web Page, accessible 24/7, facilitating further dynamic real time detailed analysis and review.


ShareIntel’s team of consultants work hand-in-hand with Client Company CEO’s to delineate the action-steps, costs, metrics and strategic initiatives to best address specific market related problems. Common client issues uncovered through the ShareIntel “Data Repository Information Link” (DRIL-Down™) process include: stock price manipulation, insider trading, “naked” short-selling, market timing, violation of Rule 144, and corporate governance and compliance violations.

ShareIntel’s team of consultants is uniquely qualified to answer complex compliance, legal, accounting, proxy, investor relations and other business issues that will invariably surface during this process.

In addition, as part of a comprehensive approach, ShareIntel maintains a value-added external partnership network of highly qualified investment bankers, investor relation professionals, proxy experts, securities and corporate attorneys and other relevant advisors. The analytical power of ShareIntel’s “Data Repository Information Link” (DRIL-Down™) combined with our experienced teams of consultants’ offers the Client Company an unprecedented level of Shareholder Intelligence…Every CEO Needs.