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– Wes Christian, World’s Leading Short Selling Litigator Tells The Truth About Predatory Short Selling

– SEC Charges Investment Adviser and Associated Individuals with Causing Violations of Regulation SHO

– No one makes a name for himself taking action against naked shorts, says former SEC lawyer

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– 500 Million Shares of Stock Are Missing: A Report on the Impact of Allowing Stock Sales to Go Undelivered for Long Periods

– McMillan – Short Selling in Canada: Regulations are Weak and a New Path Forward is Needed to Reduce Systemic Risk

– University of Houston Law Review Spring 2007 – Naked Short Selling – How Exposed are Investors

– Credit Suisse to Pay $6.5 Mln for Direct Market-Access Violations

– Goldman Sachs affiliate again faces fine for naked short selling

– Accidentally Released – and Incredibly Embarrassing – Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in ‘Naked Short Selling’

– Part 10 of Illegal Naked Shorting Series: Legal Shorting of Stocks is a Loser’s Game but Illegal Naked Shorting Transforms It into a Winner’s Game

– Part 9 of Illegal Naked Shorting Series: The Risk/ Reward of Shorting Versus Buying Stocks is Extremely Unfavorable

– Part 8: Illegal Naked Shorting Series: Who or What is Cede and What Role Does Cede Play in the Trading of Stocks?

– Part 7: Illegal Naked Shorting: DTCC Continuous Net Settlement and Stock Borrowing Programs Have Loopholes That Facilitate Illegal Naked Shorting

– Part 6 Illegal Naked Shorting: The SEC’s Regulation SHO is Intended to Prevent Illegal Naked Shorting, But is Ineffective

– Part 5 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation: Traditional Shorting Compared to Naked Shorting (Both Legal and Illegal)

– Part 4 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation: Who are the Key Players?

– Part 3 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation – Prime Brokers and the DTCC Have a Troubling Monopoly on Clearing and Settling Stock Trades

– Part 2 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation- Conventional Wisdom on How Short Sales are Executed

– Part 1 in a Series of Reports on Blatant, Widespread Stock Manipulation that is Enabled by Illegal, Naked Shorting

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– Who Is Behind DryShips’ Naked Shorting?


– GeckoSystems Praises SCOTUS Decision Re: Brokers’ AI Exploitation of

– Steve Wynn lashes out on ‘unconscionable manipulation’ in the stock market

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– The Penny Stock Chronicles

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– Counterfeiting Stock

– Illegal Naked Short Selling Appears to Lie at the Heart of an Extensive Stock Manipulation Scheme

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– 2016 Goldman Sachs Settlement

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– Engines of Growth; Benchmarking CEO-CFO Collaborations

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– Journalist Sues SEC to Get Naked Short Selling Files

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– Operations, Liquidity and Market Confidence – Basis Point Group

– The Impact of Operations on Pension Funding Requirements

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