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What We Do

ShareIntel offers unprecedented access and insight into broker-dealer, clearing firm and shareholder position movements. ShareIntel’s “Data Repository Information Link” (DRIL-Down™) process is specifically designed to “arm” the Company CEO with tools to avoid common pitfalls of poor investor communication, which can lead to inaccurate perceptions about the Company. False perceptions, if not effectively countered in a timely fashion, can permanently undermine investment banking efforts, lead to negative analyst reviews, and cause adverse shareholder trading behavior. This behavior ultimately contributes to increased market volatility and frequently impacts a company’s market capitalization.

Utilizing ShareIntel’s patent pending processes, companies can proactively track equity flows and identify suspicious, aberrant and/or unusual trading activity. Most importantly, ShareIntel can offer the capability to historically aggregate repository data from reporting entities, broker-dealers, and shareholders. Without subscribing to ShareIntel your historic individual shareholder data and potential analyses will be potentially lost.

ShareIntel provides public companies with robust, 24/7, secure-password-protected web access to dynamic, customized, and modifiable shareholder and broker-dealer transaction analytics. Instant interpretation is produced both numerically and graphically via proprietary analytic tools. This is intended to enable management to effectively identify, interpret and communicate shareholder and broker-dealer movement to the market. In addition, predetermined proprietary filters and queries trigger timely email alerts to inform management of relevant or unusual trading activity, thereby prompting logical action- steps to be taken by the Company and its CEO and its trusted advisors (i.e., investment bankers, legal counsel, investment relation professionals) to protect market capitalization.

ShareIntel, with its technology and industry knowledge, is an essential advisor in proxy related matters connected with shareholder accounting. We are an independent, and impartial observer of the accounting of an issuer’s I/O common stock to help insure an accurate voting event. In an effort to maintain the highest standards of integrity and accountability in our role as a proxy advisor, we make full disclosures of interactions relating to compensation, possible conflicts of interest or any other disclosable information concerning our personnel, issuers and their employees and any other organization we which we may have interaction.

The ShareIntel client Company can benefit from multiple user access as determined by the CEO and its Board of Directors. In addition, the Company may selectively permit its trusted advisors discreet access to its ShareIntel account for limited purposes. This enhances corporate governance, regulatory and compliance performance. ShareIntel’s services provide valid and reliable data and reports to Corporate Officers permitting them to efficiently and effectively discharge their fiduciary duties to shareholders.

Bottom Line: “CEO’s continuously state that their most important currency is their company stock.” ShareIntel offers the solution “Data Repository Information Link” (DRIL-Down™): A custom designed proprietary software application capable of protecting and maximizing shareholder value and market capitalization.